We had our first visitors this evening, our friend Bob and his son. They're soon to be Florida transplants and as they've done for several school breaks the past two years, they loaded up a van and brought stuff to their house down here.

Of course, those who know me well knows this means I'm dying to cook some food for them! Fortunately, they were happy to accept the dinner invitation. :) Bob's son is the same age as Gameboy and is equally game crazed as both of mine. This works out well-the adults get to hang out and the kids get to hang as well.

I got to prep off and on all day. I subscribe to my mom's entertaining philosophy-cook far more than you need and you'll have yummy leftovers to enjoy later on. My original plans were for london broil and the rosemary roasted potatoes, but Ed mentioned that I should make a lasagna. What the heck? I'll make it all, and some homemade brownies for dessert.

It was great to hang out on the lanai and shoot the breeze. Bob got to meet the 'neighbors', too. The kids played various games while we talked. Then we ate and Ed proclaimed tonight's lasagna the best I've ever made. (if you can get the frozen pasta sheets, do it! It makes preparing lasagna a breeze).

Tonight just makes us wistful for Bob and family to be here sooner and happy that we live closer to Jill. We love having people over. I get the cooking urge satisfied and we all enjoy seeing people other than each other. I'm just hoping this move brings more of what we left behind in Maryland-dinner guests on a regular basis.

So, Jill, when are you coming for dinner? :)


Geggie said…
Oh god, I love lasagne! I'll be right over!!
Joyce-Anne said…
Don't forget we're coming in early August! :-)
Suzanne said…
Geggie, come on down-there's plenty left!

Joyce, I just don't want to wait until August for visitors. You know me, I *need* to cook for people! :D
Bob said…
"to die for...."(to be read with a New York jewish accent)is an understatement. The lasagna was among the best I've had, and my dad could cook, the rosemary 'taters were excellent as was the steak. And the brownies ooooooh! We'll be over often once we get there.
Suzanne said…
Bob, I am looking forward to having the three of you visit often! :) You got to experience what Suzanne enjoys almost as much as visiting WDW!

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