What would YOU do?

Here's the scenario:

We moved from one county to another. As a result, the spring break schedules are different, with the new county going a week before the one we just moved from.

The Boy Scout troop that Gameboy just moved up into is planning a 4 1/2 day camping trip to coincide with their county's spring break. It's a good idea for him to attend this one, as it'd give us a good idea whether he can survive a week at Boy Scout sleep away summer camp. This is something he wants and we'd love to allow him.

Would YOU, if you had an academically advanced but socially impaired child, have him miss two days of school to go on a scouting activity? He has only missed a couple of days due to illness this year.

Our thought is to send him camping. He gains so much out of being with his peers in a structured setting that encourages teamwork and social interaction.

Oh and last night, he led the pledge and promise at the beginning of the meeting. Pretty cool.

(I can't wait until I have bandwidth again and can catch up with everyone else's blogs!)


I would send him camping. The campout will be as valuable if not more valuable to his social development as two days at school.
ligirl said…
OMG...camping, camping, camping! Without a doubt...without even having to give it a 2nd thought! This will be SO good for him! Whatever he may miss in class, he can make up. This is a great opportunity he should not miss!
ligirl said…
OMG! Can you read blogs yet? Ya gotta see "Amalah" today!!!
Grandy said…
Send him camping!! He'll get so much from that, and he might make new friends. :)
Anonymous said…
HEY girl
send gameboy camping. I agree with what been said. I think it will be very beneficial for him in the long run.

love your other neighbor
Anonymous said…
scouts rule, schools drool

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