The Treasure Trove a/k/a the Old Computer

Once upon a time, Ed and I shared a computer. Well, before that, we each had our own computer, but mine was a 486 and was purchased right after the ex and I split up. We shared pretty nicely, that is, if you call me hovering over him, vulture like, as being nice. It's hard sharing when you've got two tech nerds in the house. (Jill and her sweetie have it right-they each have laptops and myriad towers between them).

Just over three years ago, I had a vein stripping to minimize the pain in my stupid leg (trademark pending-anyone want to front me the trademark application fee?). I spent a week at home recovering and followed Dr. J's orders to keep my leg propped up. Sometime during that convalescence, I got the bright idea that I would get myself a laptop. One was ordered from Staples and arrived the day that I returned to work.

Since then, I've hardly used Ed's machine. I think we both like it this way, though he's envisioning building himself a bigger and faster machine. He's good at that, having built several already. Every once in a while, he uses my machine, but it's probably best that we each have our own toy. Nevermind that he wants to build a new machine and I want a Mac Air.

Anyway, since we're hardwired to this cable modem at the moment and my laptop is missing one file to recognize the hardwiring, I'm back on Ed's machine. Back to being a vulture.

It's hard not having my links, my passwords, my...stuff. It's like going out on a blind date when you've been married for years. It's weird. I've got stuff uploaded on my machine that I want to use in the blog, but it'll have to wait. I don't want to retype the stuff (like the story about the new schools).

However, I went looking at pictures on here the other day and found the treasure trove. All the pictures that were taken since I got my camera (for Christmas 2002) until I got the laptop. Pictures of little boys, snow and WDW trips. Pictures of neighbors we moved away from, of a wedding in NY and meeting YaYa sisters. First days of school. Kids who have all their baby teeth. Eating at favorite restaurants. Pictures of mom, of mom's old community and the new house before she and Bill moved in.

It's pretty darn cool, and I'll share some of my favorites today. Come, take a look through my treasures...
The first picture taken with my digital. Notice the snow out the window. Yes, it's pretty, but I don't miss it!

Me and a cute kid, January 2003 (he's 3 1/2 here)

Gameboy with Granny, February 2003. This was the infamous 'blizzard trip' that cemented our plans to move to Florida.

The boys with "Donna Duck" at WDW that same trip. (Donna, I am NOT taking this picture down!)

The day this was taken, 36" of snow was deposited on our front yard in Maryland.

Taken on a solo WDW in May 2003. My favorite show, IllumiNations.

Two Goofs, August 2003. A fellow CM let me have her hotel reservation for the Downtown Disney Marriott for 20.03 a night. Score! It was a great trip.

If I hadn't cut Chef's head off, this would have been our Christmas card picture that year. Instead, it was the one with the cheesy grins.

That takes you through one year and me through 1100 pictures. Thanks for letting me hijack the PC, honey.


ligirl said…
I LOVE that picture of the kids and me! I still have it on the mantel in my living room, in the Disney Dogs picture frame I got on that SAME trip!
Suzanne said…
Good, I'd worried that you wouldn't like the picture of the 'old' you. I love this picture, too!

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