Things that Come back

Several things have come back to me this week (or are coming soon)

First, the ability to wear the Crocs. Dr. J wrote a very eloquent (but FIRM) letter stating that I have a lifelong condition called Venous Insufficiency. It caused the Venous Stasis Ulcers and as a result, the RSD/CRPS. He briefly explained what all of was and that I suffer a great deal of pain and the only shoe that is beneficial to reducing the pain is the Crocs.

I won the battle, but the war is still waging. I am now told I have to dress FAR NICER than my peers to make up for the ugly shoes. This was communicated by my direct supervisor, my DM hasn't talked to me yet. Wonder how she'll take the comment that's brewing "Hmmm, what would the Labor Board have to say about the conditions you are placing on me because of a medical accommodation?"

Second thing that has come back: Vern Troyer has decided to attack my stupid leg (trademark pending) again. I've got the stabbing knives in the calf. The RSD mustn't have liked moving very much, because it is going full tilt boogie right now. If that weren't enough, it's exacerbating the Plantar Faciitis. Ugh. Waiting for Nurse M to call me back regarding new scripts.

Third thing, we'll have Road Runner come Thursday. I am suffering major withdrawal not reading all those blogs every day and fulfilling my personal comment challenge. The way I see it, I've been averaging 5 comments a day, so a week without commenting on a bunch of blogs every day isn't all that bad.

Fourth thing-for the kids-See's candies will be delivered in time for Easter. Woohoo. I also sent some as a Thank You to Chef Jr's awesome teachers while I was on the website.

Fifth thing-in transit-Jill brought some of the best potato chips back from Maryland for us:Utz Crab Chips. I'll be honest, I used to crave my Wise BBQ Chips like you would not believe, but the Crab Chips are soooooooo much better than anything Wise makes. I can't wait to have some of those.

And for all of you loyal readers, Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday will come back this week. I forgot in all the moving stuff. Tomorrow night, I'll be finishing the story of the move, an epic that may be spread over several parts.

I'm not torturing you with dinner pictures tonight. Maybe tomorrow?


Grandy said…
Keep hangin in there Suzanne! You're almost there.

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