Getting support, giving support

I've been upfront with just about everyone that asks why we're moving. I'm an open book, so the issues that got us here were known. It's amazing how much comfort people have given in the past couple of weeks. I'm grateful for it, because it quickly got me out of the doldrums and into action and even excitement for the new beginning.

I've had a couple of friends apologize for complaining about the issues going on in their lives (and you know who you are). Yes, we're going through a big deal here, but that doesn't mean that the things going on in your life aren't worthy of you venting about them. We've all got our crosses to bear at one time or another. Some are big, some are small, but they challenge us and make us better people.

A coworker lost her dad this past week. She's a good person and was especially close to her dad. Another coworker is friends with the family and shared some stories of the dad's practical jokes on various family members. Having been through this myself, I just ache for her losing her dad. Houses are replaceable, her Dad is not. Her situation puts mine in perspective.

I talked to Giggles today. It seems her RSD has worsened. She's had a rough go of it in her foot, leg and hip thanks to a work injury. When it's bad (and the winter months are especially brutal with extremes in temperature and barometric pressure), she relies on a cane. It sounds like the use of the cane threw her body's alignment out of whack and now she has RSD in the shoulder and arm.

A work injury caused this three years ago. Next week, she goes to court to settle on her workman's comp case. I'm here praying that the judge sees how much her life has been altered because someone else wasn't paying attention when they should have. I complain about my stupid leg, when Giggle's pain is far worse.

It makes me feel like a jerk when I mention mine and then realize that wait a minute, she's having a rougher time than me.

Would you join me in thinking good thoughts for strength, healing and positive outcomes for two people who need some sunshine? I've had my turn and boy, it helped. It'd be nice for them to get some help, too.


Amanda said…
I'm all for thinking good thoughts for people. Sometimes, all people need are for other people to be thinking of them.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your idea of your blog being your phonecalls to friends.
Sandi said…
I will definitely think good thoughts. I am amazed too, how sometimes other's problems put ours in perspective.
Don't know how I found you..from following links I think. LOL.

Have a good day! :)
Suzanne said…
Thanks for stopping by-and commenting! (I wish I had the thumbs up smiley we use on a board I frequent)

I've come to a good place about my situation because a lot of people have been thinking of me and/or praying about the situation. It is time for me to pay it forward.
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Also thinking of you guys (look at all the new peole! Hi, y'all!!).
Wow. Both people will be in my prayers. RSD is such a difficult thing to deal with, I admire your friend. She is incredibly brave.

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