Hanging with my Peeps

I had to add the special Suzanne touch to the class I taught today. What better way to do that than to make a peep bouquet? Heck, anyone I know who eats then prefers them stale-this just hastens that along!

No, I don't like peeps. The colored sugar tastes nasty. Now Snowman peeps, count me in. Especially if you nuke them first.

Yes, there is a long update to be posted. It's on the laptop and I'm without bandwidth until Ed gets us Road Runner. If I lived near Jill and Bob, I'd have been able to transfer the FiOS. Bummer.

I'll upload that tomorrow after work. Promise.

(and I am so used to the laptop keyboard that I'm making beaucoup typing errors on the ergonomic keyboard that's just like my old one.)


Rebecca said…
Very cute. :)
Mike Golch said…
love the peeps,Ialso like to toat them ove a fire.we cheat and use our stove.
Grandy said…
Is there a difference between the snowman peep and the bunny peep? I don't eat either, but didn't think the shape mattered.

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