Easter, the new home and assorted stuff

I had every intention of participating in Lotus's Birthing Carnival today, but I'm sorta lazy and don't feel like typing up TWO stories today. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead, you get some pictures!

Here's one of the 'neighbors' behind our house. I suppose I can invite him to dinner since we're having chicken tonight.

Channeling Magnum, PI. Chef Jr. had his first school dance Friday night. He insisted that he pose near the rosemary bush. (I'm thinking I need to get him a haircut before school pictures on Thursday)

Last year, someone on the boards I participate in mentioned using a Star Wars egg coloring kit. I knew if I found it, I would buy it for the boys. I did, and they loved the idea. They had lots of fun choosing which sleeves they'd use and coloring. This is one of those things where I get to have the fun and they go wander off.

Gameboy wanted to dye his Darth Vader egg black, so I had several rounds with the different colors and it ended up a deep indigo with some tie dye like effects. Pretty cool. The look on my fingers wasn't as attractive, though! Perhaps I should head back over to Chez Target and see if they've got any of those kits left on clearance. (and use gloves next year)

Our original plans for yesterday were to avoid any drama of recent holidays and go to Aquatica, Sea World's new water park. Alas, when we woke up, it was raining. We canceled those plans. We will probably go the next Sunday I've got off.

Instead, we vegged around the house and had pancakes for lunch, then went to see Spiderwick Chronicles and had fondue for dinner. It was a nice, low key day.

Off to do some more unpacking. What fun...


Anonymous said…
The eggs are very cool! That cow is so close! I was gonna post for the birth story carnival too, but I totally spaced it. I am going to post for it soon though.
Suzanne said…
I may just use those birth stories for their birthdays. Gameboy's is only a couple of weeks away.

BTW, I loved the pictures of the girls. Your little one looks soo much like her daddy. Adorable!
imaginary binky said…
AH! Chef Jr. is so handsome! He has the curls I thought Amos would have.

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