Cute Kid

Chef is full of laughs and makes us laugh daily. A sampling of today's gems, all within a half hour of each other.

I found him in the bathtub, bobbing his head up and down. He says "Don't mind me leaned over this way, I'm bubble fishing" Yep, he's taking his curls and trying to catch bubbles with them. He was successful.

He bathes and when he's finished, he pulls the plug and looks at the mirror like drain and says "Hello, Gorgeous!"

The boys are now on air mattresses in their rooms, and I asked him if he felt like was camping. He says yep. Then:
"Where's the grass?" Honey, we turned it gray.
"Are there bugs? No, we left them outside.
"Where are the mosquitoes?" Left them outside, too.

It's a riot to see how his mind works.


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