Just another Manic Monday

After a busy weekend, you'd think things would be relaxing today, right? Wrong.

I got called for jury duty for the second time in two years. Any paperwork explaining why you couldn't/shouldn't serve had to be in by five days prior to being called. (low number meant I would be called). So, signing the lease Friday got me out, but I had to show up in person this morning. (Yes, the leg would have excused me, too.)

Next up, a visit to Nurse M. I'd been scheduled in Dr. B's clinic today, but seeing my favorite nurse. He poked his head in and I commented that Nurse M was trying to get me back to my modeling job as soon as possible. Nurse M laughed-she's used to my warped sense of humor. Dr. B comments that because I have skin breakdown, am I on antibiotics?

Yes, the resident a couple of months ago had it right-but he attacked the issue with heavy duty antibiotics. To prevent MRSA or Cellulitis, one of the treatments is a low dose of antibiotic. I'm now on Erythromycin. Yay.

Nurse M also suggests I wait a bit before having the surgery. Now that we're headed down the right path with the leg, I have a script (if needed) for the DUODerm and a tube of moisturizer and instructions to call if I need her. I like seeing her, but my wallet appreciates the savings from not going every week or two!

Onto the update about the move:

Saturday, we made a trip over to Bob's and a trip to the house. We had to bring the van back to Jane before I headed into work. Then Ed did some more packing and cleaning.

Sunday, our landlord called us at 9am. We'd asked him to take his fridge, as ours is nearly twice as big. He said he'd need some help in getting it out. It sounds like he's in the same boat as us, with no one close by that can provide muscle.

We got there 45 minutes later and the owners realized that their fridge was not going to fit through the door. Unless our movers swap it out, we'll have our fridge in the garage and theirs in the house.

Not ones to waste the trip, we all ended up chatting for a bit. His wife and I were talking about work and the yard, and offered to show me the back yard. We back on to pasture, and she was telling us that they'd tried all manner of tall grass and bushes back there to make a natural fence along the chain link, but nothing would take hold.

Then she points out a plant in the middle of the yard. She says we can just cut it down, it's a rosemary bush. Woohoo! Chef was running around and I told him that the big bush was rosemary. He runs over, takes a sprig and inhales the scent. He's happy, she laughs and I explain that he's in cooking school. She shares with me that they've had great success growing herbs in the yard, mostly basil and dill. Cool deal, once we get settled, we'll start up a small herb garden.

After we all depart, we collect the van from Jane again and in two trips, empty out Gameboy's bedroom. The best way to do this is attack one room at a time and complete it before moving on to the next. So far, one bathroom is complete and one bedroom. Not too shabby, but there are eight rooms left to move.

In the interim, since we realized we'd have a fridge over there, I stopped for beverages and snacks. I'm not a big fan of eating out for every meal while moving, so now we've reduced some of dining out. Also, the upright freezer from the old house was transferred to the freezer of the new house. As if to prove how small it is, the stuff that filled 1/4 of a 7cf freezer packed the new one to the gills. That fridge is the right size for a bachelor or couple, not for a family of four that likes to cook!

At about 8:30, the boys and I ventured back to the old place and Ed brought Jane back from a visit to Mom. He kept the van overnight and was going to do a run this morning of stuff to go to Bob's garage, since that could easily be accomplished by one person.

Tomorrow's game plan is to head over with a Jeep load as soon as we get Gameboy on the bus. Perhaps we can do two trips before I have to arrive at work at 2pm.

If you're wondering when we'll sleep, I think there will be very little of it until this move has been completed!


Gypsydoodlebug said…
Crossing my fingers for ya!! And Chef is so cute with the backyard...
Saffa Chick said…
Oh man, and I'm moaning about our imminent move - which is just Milord and me from a 2-bed house.

Good luck with everything!
Suzanne said…
Mandy, it was so funny how he came running to us fult tilt boogie at the words "Look, a rosemary bush!" What kind of cake should I be making for St. Mandy's day-a peeps cake? ;)

Saffa, I detest moving and it gets worse the older you get! I suspect in your case, you eliminated a lot of baggage with transcontinental moves! thanks for the good wishes.
Dana said…
I hope everything works out well. Chaotic Mondays drive me a little batty. Here's to good luck with everything!
Suzanne said…

Thanks! It seems like every Monday is a little crazy. I've gotten used to it-it would seem strange to have a peaceful one!

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