Scouting Milestones

Tonight, both boys hit some cool milestones with scouting.

Tonight, Chef received his rank of Bear. In addition, thanks to participating in Scouting for Food, he was given a very cool "Good Turn For America" patch. Each year that a boy participates in a community service project, he receives a patch with the year on it. These are designed to circle the Good Turn patch. I like the idea that it encourages the boys to keep performing community service, to keep the years ringing the original patch.

Gameboy received his Arrow of Light. Last month, he was called up on stage with the fellow Webelo 2's-but didn't get his award. He kept his composure throughout the ceremony, but asked me why he didn't get his arrow once we were back to our seats.

Ed and I were very upset by the oversight, and that truly is what it was. The next week, our Assistant Cub Master apologized to Ed and said that Gameboy would have his own moment at this month's pack meeting. Gameboy was beaming when he was called up on stage to receive his arrow and patch tonight.

The arrow is very cool. It has an personalized ribbon with his name, pack and date of award and a tag with the story of the Arrow. The Arrow of Light patch is the only patch that can be worn all through scouting, even as an adult leader.

The Assistant Cub Master is also involved in our Boy Scout Troop. He took great pride in announcing that in less than one month into Gameboy's tenure with the Troop, he has *already* earned his first rank, that of Scout. Tomorrow night, he receives that patch at their Troop meeting.

After the meeting, I thanked the Cub Master for recognizing Gameboy. He really fulfilled the requirements with the old pack and technically (due to his age) was a 'visitor' with this pack. However, these are good leaders and it is a well run pack-they made sure he was given his moment to shine. It was so cool to see all the people coming up to congratulate him after the meeting!

She apologized for the oversight (record keeping at the old pack was abysmal, so Council didn't have anything on file for Gameboy). I told her that even though it was a negative, it was also a positive.

The old Gameboy would have thrown a tantrum on stage last month. Instead, he waited and calmly asked what happened when the time was right. I was upset by his sadness but proud of his composure at the same time. He has learned so much in two years of scouting that we had not seen in the years of dealing with Asperger's.

We also spoke with the Assistant Cub Master and one of the Assistant Troop Leaders. They both have said Gameboy, despite his issues, is the least of their worries in the Troop. He's focused and *wants* to be there, which apparently not all the boys do at this age. They enjoy having Gameboy there and tell us that he's easy to redirect when he goes OCD on them.

There was a time when I doubted that he'd keep interest for more than a few weeks-this was his brother's idea. Now, I think he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to, even becoming an Eagle. (However, I do realize that Ed and I have to plant the seed for that now to give him time to think of a project that he can successfully implement). With the adult support of this troop, if he wants it, it will happen.

So tonight was probably even more poignant to us: he was recognized for his efforts. This pack drove home why we will drive to participate with them.

(Somebody get me a tissue, I'm a little verklempt)


klasieprof said…
I too am just amazed sometimes by my Aspie's son's composure at certain events.
It is SOOO easy to constantly be critical, be "watching" for them to "lose" it, and forget that they are GOOD kids! They are growing up, and are cool in their own right.
Congrats to GAME BOY!! WHOO HOOO!!!
daysgoby said…
Suzanne! I'm so happy for you! And your boy!

Mazel Tov!
Congratulations on both the patches and maintaining composure. Kids grow up at the oddest moments.

My eldest is a Brownie and has patches for odd things, too. Does your son have one for Manners?

They had a tea party....

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