Yeaaaaaaa! Then Again...

I bought a network cable tester, which arrived last week. Today, after everyone was done using the network at school, I went into the telecomm room and started testing lines.

We have three lines out of that room, each going to a different building on camps. My thought process was to try the closest locations myself, then get someone to help with the cable that terminates at my classroom.

I got the first one checked, no problem. It actually looked cool, lighting up eight lights in series-and I only had to walk back and forth 50 feet to confirm what I knew, that the Internet working in that building.

Alas, I couldn't get into the office that holds the other nearby router, so I enlisted GameTeen to help me with the one on the other side of campus. I handed him a walkie talkie and the tester with a Cat5 cable hanging out of it. (testers work with male connectors, wall jacks are not male). Then, I waited.

Five minutes later, I had an answer. The series would light 1-2 4-5-6-7-8, then back again. This cable is bad . For a moment, I was excited that I'd pretty much eliminated everything else, and this result meant I was right.

Then the realization that oh, wait, now I have to figure out how to restring about 150 feet of new (INSULATED) Cat5, when I can't be a monkey until the doctor says I can climb things. I'll still have my students walking into my classroom and "Is the Internet working?" and they'll ask one at a time, because they're so focused on asking the question that they don't listen to their peers.

Hopefully, I can say yes very soon...


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