The title says it all, and doesn't. It only hurts (on the Suzanne scale, that is) when I try to eat, but it is definitely an abscess.

A long time ago, I wore the SAME bands on my teeth when I had braces. So, for six years, my teeth had these metal caps on them and one disintegrated a couple of days after I had them removed, while eating an ice cream sandwich. So, at 16, I got a crown.

This is the same crown that broke 11 years later, on December 23-and my dentist came in to his office on Christmas Eve when I called his office and asked for a recommendation for one of his dental school buddies in Maryland to do an emergency repair. I mentioned that I'd be in NY the next day and was told to meet him at noon.

It lasted another 15 years and got loose, then fell out. Alas, I was here in Florida and unemployed, so I just lived with a post where the tooth had been. The post wasn't one piece, it is two, and they've separated, with one part touching the tooth in front, the other touching the tooth behind.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed the post halves were wiggling, and this morning, the swelling. I know that thing is screwed into the jaw and I am not ignoring it. So, tomorrow morning, I'm going to a clinic and hoping for the best, as they have two walk in appointments each day.

Normally, it would be a root canal or an extraction. This may be a lot more involved, like cutting out a wisdom tooth might be. I don't know, mine never arrived-which the wonder dentist I speak of marveled about and was quite relieved, given my smaller than average jaw.

Hey, at least I already have the medication for afterwards...
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