House Party-Shutterfly

I'd been hearing about House Party for a few years now. It's a website that coordinates marketing efforts for companies, via home parties where guests can sample items made with a product (the Soda Stream, for one) or can actually enjoy creating something of their own, which was the kind I was more interested in. I decided to sign up to try to get a House Party for the Shutterfly photo books.

There were a couple of reasons for it, mainly that we could use it as a fun way to get my coworkers together without actually being at work and with the students, as well as possibly getting the crafty ones to make a brag book type portfolio for their small home businesses. Hey, and maybe getting a free Christmas gift out of the way was a good idea, too!

A blogging friend hosted a party for a KY product, and the stories were hilarious. However, that is soooo not happening in the Suzanne world! Remember, I had a hard time posting pictures of underwear!

This morning, a few of my coworkers and I got together and ate some food, watched a few videos, and then set about taking some treasured pictures and making some photobooks! M is in a friend's wedding next month, and she gathered a ton of pictures of the happy couple to create an album to give to them as a wedding gift.

L has a beautiful scrapbook that starts with her tenuous pregnancy and follows through the life of her adorable 7 year old son. She's transferring those scrapbooking pages into the Shutterfly book because it's safer and looks so much nicer. A decided to make a family album as a Christmas gift.

Meanwhile, my boss (and friend) A, uploaded THREE THOUSAND pictures to Shutterfly, and I suspect she'll be making more than the free album someday soon. She had pictures of her girls, of the courtship of her and her husband and plans are in place for an anniversary gift and a Christmas gift out of the hours she spent uploading.

Me, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do, thinking I wanted to do an album of the various travels Ed and I have taken with the boys, but then I went through Facebook and saw all the family pictures through the years. I decided to go pull out the CD of our older pictures with the first digital point and shoot and do an album of favorite family candids.

I am doing a gift, even though the recipient knows about it. My lovely nail tech, Katie, totally should have a portfolio of all the nail colors and nail art she does. I just have my pictures, I need some from her, so that I can put a nice book together that she can carry with her. At 8'X8', it will definitely fit in her purse!

Doing this House Party was fun, my coworkers enjoyed and have been bitten by the bug. Let's hope this means I get to go to other house parties soon!


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