Not So Fast, There

Ever since our washing machine died, we've done the bi-weekly trek to the local laundromat. Each time I went, it was apparent that my neck troubles were getting worse. Mind you, I was really going AMA, since my neurologist said no lifting over ten pounds. Still, clothes need to be cleaned, so I went.

Two weeks ago was my first time back doing laundry-but Chef did all the lifting. I basically supervised. Today, I thought I'd be fine-he could lift the baskets into the van, I could deal with them there, then he'd bring them into the house after I was done.

Not so much.

The other day, I had a suspicion that my lift restrictions may be permanent, based on how my back reacted to something simple I did. Still, I have an appointment Monday, and usually the six week follow up is the one where a patient is given the all clear to resume normal activities. So, I was optimistic that things were good.

Earlier today, I felt pretty good. Not 100%, but 75 or 80%, which is far better than I could have hoped. Now, after two hours doing laundry, I'm not doing so hot. It's a good thing that I planned on vegging tomorrow, doing some reading and classwork. If I venture very far, it will surprise me.

Wonder how stern the lecture will be on Monday?


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