Of Course

Apparently, it is not unusual for spinal fusion patients to have minor back spasm issues, mainly between the shoulder blades. I've had them for months, but the frequency stepped up considerably post-op.

So, at my last checkup, my nurse practitioner prescribed more Norco and muscle relaxers, telling me that I should take one every night. Alas, as is typical, it took 4-5 days for my pharmacy to get their act together. Something about me having an allergy to Norco, a medicine they'd filled for me a month before! (Yes, based on their incompetency in filling prescriptions for me and GameTeen, I'm not going back.)

A week after the meds were prescribed, I started taking them. They did make a difference-then my pill bottle disappeared off the table.

What happens next? I have the worst whole back spasms I have had in YEARS. Norco doesn't fix that.

I know that when I call my nurse practitioner in the morning, he'll call in another script-and the other bottle will show up an hour after I pay for the new prescription.

Of course...


JW said…
Despite the post op issues you have would you consider this operation a success for you?

My wife is reading ALOT on the care of the spinal and disc replacement. She says she does not want the fusion done. Says the thought of having screws in her gives her the creeps. lol
Suzanne said…
For me, the surgery has definitely been a success.

I'm not walking around in constant pain anymore. What pain I do have is a lot less severe than in the past (save for the back spasms last night). It can all be chalked up to post op-at least that's what I consider it until the fusion is complete.

Now, J's surgery was done without a full spinal MRI, which she kept asking for and was blown off. Her surgery fixed probably a small percentage of her pain. Mine probably got 70-80%,thankfully.

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