Grace Under Pressure

A friend's half brother is in Hospice tonight. They don't expect him to make it through the night.

She's in her early 30's, and this is the first time she's seeing end of life up close and personal. Brother is much older than my friend, and they didn't really have a relationship, he has a daughter only a couple of years younger.

Still, she has a lot of compassion for the situation and is being the rock for her mom. She texted after tonight's visit to Hospice, and had plenty of questions. The type that she knew she could ask at Hospice, but figured it was better to not ask them in front of mom.

So, I answered with what I knew, the difference between unconscious and coma, the rawls, how you know there are only hours left.

Those of us who walk the path know the pain, and will guide someone going through it. She's composed and focused on being her mom's rock. It sums up my friend-handle everything in the moment, process and have the emotional reaction later.


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