Too Many Gadgets

More accurately, I have too many unlabeled plugs for gadgets! I only plug in my external hard drive when I need to back things up or access information and well, the plug I *thought* belonged to the Seagate actually belongs to the Trent portable charger. (An aside-if you don't have one of these, and you travel, you should get one!)

I do tend to rubber band cords that I'm not using to organize them, and I decided to place them all into a small tub, but an idea struck, what with all these black wall warts-why not use one of my paint markers and label each one?

Brilliant idea, but all my paint markers are in my desk at work! Crud.

Anyway, if you have more than a couple of these little black plugs, like for your digital camera, your phone, your external drive, your mini dv camcorder, your laptop (well, not mine, its white), why not take one of those paint markers and label them? At least I have somewhat neat handwriting when I tackle this project.

Since I have a 6 pack of colors, I think I'll end up color coding them when I do bring that package home. Even better, the coordinating cords can get a ring around it in the same color, so that you don't have to ask "Nikon mini USB or Kodak?"

Yes, I know, I really do have geek problems. It's an occupational hazard.


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