Walk In Treatment

I arrived at the suggested clinic at 7:25 this morning to see one person waiting outside. I was number two. Ten minutes later, someone else arrived to get a walk in slot and was turned away. They don't kid when they say they only take two.

The deal was that we'd be taken back if someone else didn't show for their appointment, the other person was in a lot of pain-her body language said it all. I could manage my pain just fine, so I'm glad she got there before me and had the opportunity to get taken care of quicker-pain sucks.
,br /> Around 9:30, I was brought back and interviewed by a dental assistant. She took an xray, then reported back that it looked like a simple extraction, which was a huge relief. I was preparing for having things cut out.

The dentist came in and repeated that things looked straightforward, that she'd rather just use topical injections of novocaine instead of numbing one side of my face. Some lidocaine on the gums and I only ended up feeling one of the novocaine shots.

She worked on me for about twenty minutes, three of which were rough, but in comparison to the neck stuff, not too bad. The dentist showed me what she'd extracted and the abscess, which was in the remaining canal that had been left of the original tooth. She told me that everything looked clean. I wouldn't need follow up for that, but she'd like me to come back for a regular full checkup in a few weeks.

I'm thankful that I called around as soon as I realized what it was, that I was the second arrival and that this dentist was really good. It sucks that this clinic is an hour's drive (due to no direct route for the 20 mile trip), but if I only have to go twice a year, I can definitely do that.

It hurts, but not anything horrible. I'm on a soft foods diet this weekend, but I was able to eat a quesadilla for lunch from the taco truck (because they're really soft) and then pasta for dinner.


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