Baited Breath

Thanks to my various health issues, my allergist and my GP urge me to get a flu shot each year. However, because of the surgery, I was trying to hold off getting it until December. Supposedly, getting vaccinated too soon after that might mean actually contracting the flu instead of building up a resistance.

Yeah, I know that they basically spin the wheel and choose the right strain of the flu virus 30% of the time, but I see where the doctors are coming from. It's a no harm sort of thing as far as I'm concerned.


Ed has the flu. He spent most of yesterday and pretty much all of today sleeping, with short periods of being awake. He doesn't believe in getting the shot, and I don't think he has in all the time we've been together. Some years, he and the boys have gotten it, meanwhile, I've had my shot and didn't get sick.

I'm hoping I don't get it. That would really suck, as this is the first time ever that I've got a school holiday as an employee. I'd hate spending my week off sleeping and feeling cruddy.

Is it bad that I'm giving him a wide berth, but taking care of his needs when asked?


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