Class Registration Time!

I am an avowed grade junkie, I freely admit that is one thing that definitely has happened since I returned to school twelve semesters ago (eek!). What most people don't know is that I'm a fiend about registering for classes, too.

For each degree, I have a spreadsheet, color coded and organized into requirements and electives. As I made friends in my undergrad program, I shared the 'menu' that we needed to fulfill that bachelor's degree. In my last semester, when I took classes in Tampa, I shared the list with one person in each of those classes-and then others would come up to me and request that I email it as well.

My house is a mess, my school stuff-very, very organized.

I didn't have to share during the master's program, as most people were equally invested in what they needed to take, we just would talk about which professors to take and avoid. Alas, I got the 'don't take classes with Dr. H two weeks AFTER I started that class with her!

Now, I'm starting over. Sixty six credits, or for me, with a 'super cognate', 72 credits to go. It can mean having a ton of flexibility in what I take and when, but I'm of the mind that the difficult classes should be done first. With that rationale, about two weeks ago, I pretty much decided which courses made the most sense. One that I'd really like to take is only offered in the fall, which left that out-and the summer classes are very limited in scope.

Many universities like to put a framework of the courses out at least a semester early, and prefer to have three semesters posted in their LMS, which is what my school does. Which is why I fleshed out a schedule for spring. However, they started to populate these courses with the professors they have contracts with-and realized they were short. What looked like I'd have two classes on campus one day a week and an online class has now switched to two days on campus.

With gas prices the way they are, I'd rather travel one day, so I'm back to the spreadsheet at the last minute to decide what can be swapped out. At least there's still a lot of flexibility for me at this point.

And, at the same time, probably 90% of the other doctoral students aren't concerned at all that registration opens at 2pm tomorrow, they'll start looking for classes when this semester ends in five weeks. Not me, I'd rather know what I'm up against now!,br />


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