Saturday, November 24, 2012

We're Going to Need a Bigger Bird.

Gone. All but the carcass and the dark meat, that is. Two meals and enough to eke out a soup tomorrow or Monday, that's all that I have of the turkey.

Contrast this to last year, when I had a smaller bird and got five days worth of meals from the bird. I'm barely getting three, and one will consist of mostly dark meat in that soup. One child actually ate about 2 pounds of the turkey during our dinner Thursday night, which I chalk up to a winning brine.

Even Ed, never a big fan of turkey, and even less of a fan of chicken on the bone, really enjoyed it. Today, he raved about the brine/grill combo. Heck, we went grocery shopping, he saw the oven stuffers and suggested getting one to grill.

Score another winner.

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