Daylight Savings Time

My stats professor is fantastic. He takes the time to explain concepts, tells us that the terminology was purposely designed to confuse (then gives us the simpler description), and gives examples for use to work through during class.

Tonight, though, he didn't give us a break at the usual time, looked up at the clock and launched into a powerpoint about ANOVAs. He went at a breakneck pace, and we didn't get the usual stops to apply the information. We covered 20 slides in 30 minutes, some with complex formulas.

At the end of this runaway train lecture that was atypical, he apologized for running class ten minutes late.

Late? It's 7:10!

Seems he was keeping time with the clock in the back of the classroom, the one that probably never gets changed. So, he thought it was 8:10.

Hey, it was refresher for me, but it was pretty funny...


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