Wreck It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians

Ed has gone a little stir crazy. He was supposed to work today, but they heard 'vertigo' and sent him right back home. Not the ideal situation after he's been laid up on the couch for a week!

So, he asked to go out tonight. We opted for the drive in, so that he could get out, but not worry about getting dizzy. Fortunately, this weekend, we had a good double feature, Wreck It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians.

I'd been told that Wreck It Ralph would really appeal to me and Ed. If you've ever put your quarter up on a game to 'save' your place in line, then you HAVE to see this movie! It was fantastic, and we kept laughing throughout the movie at the lines that recalled our youth. The great part is that it also appealed to Chef, so it was written like a Bugs Bunny cartoon-existing on multiple levels. The short before the movie was adorable, too. I like that this Pixar touch is being introduced to the Walt Disney Pictures.

Rise of the Guardians is a Dreamworks film. I think if we'd seen it separately, it would have been fine alone, but I think the darker elements of the film were far darker than those of Wreck It Ralph. The animation was good, the voice acting was good, but the story just was a little too heavy handed for the under 10 crowd.

Wreck It Ralph will definitely be purchased when it comes out on Blu Ray. I want to watch it again and see what little things I missed the first time around.


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