End of the Line

Yesterday, I talked about 25 things I missed about my youth. Little did I know, today would bring news of the end of another thing I associate with my youth: Hostess and Drake's Cakes.

For years, Hostess was the national brand, with Twinkie the Kid, Hostess' Captain Cupcake and all those commercials that dotted the programming we kids were likely to watch. Drake's was the local brand with the preferred confections, like Funny Bones (still my favorite) and Coffee Cake, juniors. It was quite a treat to find one of those in my lunch from time to time!

After work, I headed over to the local outlet store, hoping for another last box of Funny Bones for me, Twinkies for the kids, and some Ring Dings for Ed. Alas, most of the Drakes products were gone, but I did manage to get a bit of snack goodness to soften the blow.

Later, people were telling me that there's a ton of the items I bought listed on eBay for top dollar. It's sad, but I'm not about to go bid twenty bucks for my last carton of Funny Bones, you know? Nor will I list what little bit I bought today.

< The ladies at the store were called this morning before opening for the day. "When the merchandise runs out, the store is closed permanently." I feel bad for them and thanked them for being so helpful each time I'd visited.

In a weird way, I feel like today added number 26 to the list.



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