Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

With the holidays around the corner, I am drawn to things like Messiah Sing Ins and other songs of the season, or songs that to me, are part of the season by virtue of singing them for a winter concert or two (or five) as a teen.

One of the great things about that choir reunion I attended back in September is that various alumni shared their recordings of concerts with everyone else via Dropbox. Each year, the members of the choir chose whether they wanted to record the Winter or Spring Concert, as it was not an inexpensive proposition. I remember one year, getting two votes, because I'd sold double the quota of fruit in the recent fundraiser. I chose Winter. Alas, it didn't make it to vinyl like years past, we got cassette tapes. Mine was lost years ago.

However, the archives restored the concert to me, and the memory holds musical scores much better than anything else. Still, I would like to have the sheet music for favorites we didn't record-and that's where another alum came in. He brought a pile of things he'd absconded from the choir room, and I snatched up one that I remember practicing piano for months, before we opted to do it a cappella.

Another, a Randall Thompson piece, was performed the year before I was in high school and again after I graduated and I'd wished I'd performed it. Now I have the music and can be sure that I'm hearing the tenor line properly.


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