More Humor From Chef Junior Again

The child does not understand that laughing and incisions is not a good combination. A couple of funnies from this weekend:

I had a meeting yesterday morning that kept me away from the house a little longer than expect. When I got home, it was after 1pm and I wasn't going to make the kids wait while I rolled out the pizza dough and baked a pizza.

Chef was crabby, pointing towards his mouth to signify that he needed food NOW. Food decided upon (meatball sub for Game Teen, cheesesteak for Chef), we headed down to a sub shop. While en route, Chef informs me "mom, some people are lactose intolerant. I'm hunger intolerant."

Today, he and I ran a few errands and one stop was the dollar store. While there, he requested his own wrapping paper. After the present fiasco two years ago, we have a new strategy for gifts. They get wrapped in a specific paper for each child, but there are no tags on anything.

So, he found exactly what he'd requested (blue paper with snowflakes or snowmen) and he's carrying it out. "Mom, it's my jousting stick!" I explained that that might make it unsuitable for wrapping presents. "What's a little blood on my gifts? It washes off!"

The two boys usually just tolerate each other. Sometimes, though, they make each other laugh. Today, it was Game Teen exclaiming "Hey, I got the Bloody Anchor!" I'm thinking it sounded bad, but Chef comments that that would be a great name for a heavy metal band. I said perhaps it'd be a good name for a restaurant, but Chef again comments that it's be better for a bar.

Someday, that boy will own a bar named the Bloody Anchor, where you can joust with rolls of wrapping paper and fight off hunger intolerance. It wouldn't surprise me in the least.


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