Underpromise, Overdeliver

Today, preparations for Tuesday's surgery were the order of the day. We did a session at the meal prep kitchen we used to work for, to fill the freezer with meals for post op meals.

Afterwards, I went over to Tampa and did my pre admissions testing. I got surprises. Not good ones, though. Initially, I'd thought I'd have a more comprehensive hysterectomy, so that they could do pathology to figure out why things happened the way they did. That surgical intervention calls for a 4-6 week recovery.

However, when I saw the doctor a few weeks ago, he nixed that procedure, insisting on a less invasive method that cuts the recover down substantially. He also told me I'd be hospitalized overnight because if the Factor V Leiden.

It ends up I'm scheduled for the original procedure AND two days in the hospital.


I think my doctor needs to learn about the business model of underpromise, overdeliver-especially when it comes to surgeries.

The positive out of all of it is that if the television is horrible (and I find most of it horrible), I can bring the (older) laptop.


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