Like Magic, They Arrive in the Mail

It has been mentioned here before that we love our Keurig coffee machine. Since I won this lovely machine last April,
our lives have changed.

No longer do we have science experiments growing in the bottom of Mr. Coffee. No longer do we crave a mug of hot java, only to lament that the other half isn't there to share a pot. And no longer do we whine that we don't feel like going out to get a single cup of caffeinated goodness. Heck, we love our machine so much that it got wedged into the trunk of the Beetle and taken 1,000 miles on vacation with us this past July.

Over the eight months, we've kept tally of flavors we like and flavors we didn't. Tully's makes a kick butt Kona. Newman's Own has a nice medium roast. I like the Coffee People's Donut Shop blend, while Ed is partial to the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend.

Then there are the flavors. Call us wimps, but we like flavored coffees. I think the whole house is in agreement that Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee is our favorite, but (other than Hazelnut, which I don't like in coffee) we have yet to meet a Gloria Jean's Flavor that we haven't liked.

When we first got our machine, a few retailers carried four or five varieties, but only one place had the Butter Toffee. We ordered some flavors directly from Keurig and fell in love with the Southern Pecan. A few months ago, in talking Keurig with some friends, one mentioned ordering K cups from Amazon. "You can set up automatic delivery and they'll take 10% off and give you free shipping, too." Really?

Off I went to Amazon, where I finally found a variety pack that didn't include the Hazelnut. I've already got about 20 of those we're not drinking. Searching through the offerings, I found one that sounded perfect: Butter Toffee, Mudslide, Swiss Chocolate Almond and French Vanilla Supreme. A few minutes later, I set up shipments for every three months and we were good to go.

The past couple of weeks, I saw the second of that two box shipment was getting low (we still have a bunch of coffee from our initial Keurig order AND our local supermarket now carries a good assortment, too) and was going to check on my order status. I forgot.

But Amazon didn't.

In the mailbox today?

Another 44 K cups of flavored goodness.



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