Santa, Can I Have A Maid For Christmas?

I feel bad for Ed.

Since I've had surgery, he's run his butt ragged to the point that he doesn't have time to do our household chores.

It boils down to this: it seems that whenever someone else is getting more attention for a health concern, she has to do something to command attention. Mom went into the hospital for a stroke, well, Jane up and got herself sick enough that she had to be in the hospital, too. If it wasn't so sad, it'd be funny.

Well, last week, I had surgery. Planned surgery. This, of course, meant that Jane needed to make all the appointments for doctors that she would blow off in the past. Including one on the day AFTER my surgery.

This doctor has a nasty habit of keeping patients waiting for hours. Now that Jane doesn't drive, it means that someone (normally me) gets stuck sitting in the doctor's office, instead of doing the dozen or so things on the To Do list. In Ed's case, it kept him from doing dishes and laundry and visiting me in the hospital.

Then, that Thursday, another appointment. Friday, another appointment. Monday, another appointment. Tuesday, another appointment (this one for the cats). Tomorrow, another appointment. Friday? Well, you get the picture.

This means that the man is exhausted and I can't help him out. My sink is full, and the kids are not the best at dish washing, since we've used the dishwasher since they were born. The laundry, I can get them to do that.

If you detect a little bit of annoyance with Jane, you're right. She has gotten to the level of doing exactly what she complained Mom did to her-expects us to do every little thing for her. Like make these doctor's appointments and look up phone numbers because the number she has is wrooooooonnnnnnngggggg. (That got a response of "Your phone has Google. Use it.")

Tonight, despite a full freezer from visiting the meal prep kitchen, I went against doctor's orders and drove the half mile to a restaurant for dinner. Standing at the sink to do dishes is NOT happening and I feel bad that I'm putting all of my duties on Ed. However, I do think he's starting to see that his sister is a full time job, on top of the kids and my school schedule.

So, Santa, I've been a good girl. Can you send me a maid for Christmas? I'm kind of partial to Hazel, but Alice would be nice, too.
What do you say, Santa? It would be a present for both me AND Ed, and you can't beat a two for one deal, now can you?


LceeL said…
When she gets done by you, send her over our way, will ya?
Kaoscapt said…
If I can put in my .02, of the two I'd prefer Alice. Hazel's a chainsmoker, and Alice has a 'thing' for butchers...

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