All Good Things Must Come to an End

Today was the last meeting of my Counseling Skills class. Going into the semester, I knew I would enjoy the class, as the nine months working for a therapy practice years ago was a great experience. What I didn't expect was exactly how much I would get out of the class.

I got a bargain for a few hundred bucks and four credits including a tool box of analysis concepts that we used on ourselves, that give a lot of perspective on how others think and act. The course required service in the community in which we formed groups, and the effort was extremely enjoyable and rewarding. The whole point of our school is to learn by doing and this class embodied the concept in a fun way.

Working with Jessica taught me that I don't always have to call the shots, that stepping back is a very good thing sometimes. The process of putting together a fund raising event was not without mistakes, but the process taught me that I really want to use that knowledge to create future events. Even better, the organization we chose to help is an incredible group of people that welcomed us with open arms. Next year, we will hold another Walkathon and challenge the other local colleges.

I'm a little bummed that it's over. The nature of the class is that we shared a lot with each other, and it was a very cool bunch of people. This professor is incredible, but this is the only course she teaches. (Waaaaahhhhhhh.) To walk away with all the skills alone is very cool, but I got more than that. I gained a good friend in Jessica. That's probably the cherry on top of the whole semester.

Thank you, Professor Hewett. It's probably a safe assumption that this best class I will take at USFP.


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