Another Semester: OVER!

I took my last test tonight. The verdict appears to be three As and another one that is so close I can touch it. If I get an 80 on that test, I'm golden-but it was a tough test. We'll see, as the professor does grade on a curve...

That said, it wasn't a walk in the park. The final project for the Ethics class, netted two members of my group submitting their portions of the assignment that were 100% plagiarized. Yes, in an ETHICS class. It kept me busy for two days. My grade was right around 94, but the group project could have dropped me below it. In the many emails back and forth yesterday, the Professor told me that I didn't have to worry about my grade. (We had several conversations over the semester about my worry that the group projects would ruin my 4.0, so she knew my goal was an A.)

My Counseling skills grade was posted tonight-950 out of 900, wheeeeee!

Finally, the Absent Professor (not absent minded, just MIA any time an issue came up) managed to goof up the final exam tab on Blackboard. No worries, I have a 100+ average, while still waiting for two papers to be graded.

It's nice to be able to say, as of tonight, I AM A SENIOR!!!!!!

I need a couple of days to relax after all the school related stuff the past few days. Oh wait, there's a trip to the hospital tomorrow-there won't be any relaxing right now.

Okay, I can sit on the couch and study for a CLEP exam, then. :)


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