Merry and Not So Merry

Long time readers will remember the Christmas of two years ago, the one in which Game Teen took all of his presents into his room and opened them before the rest of us had stirred for the day.

He did it again, only this time, he took ALL the presents into his room. They weren't labeled, so he didn't know which were his and which were his brother's.

Yes, it sucks. I'm disappointed and annoyed. Chef started the day on the couch, crying and saying he wished he had a normal brother. What do you say to that? Ed rapidly rewrapped Chef's presents and he opened them. Within the hour, he was happy-but kept apologizing to us for his brother's poor behavior.

The nice thing about the PS3 coming out is that the PS2 and accompanying games are CHEAP. There's a boat load of racing games, too. That was this year's family gift, and I think that two of them will be racing against each other a lot.

We kept some traditions, though it was kind of interesting each time I got off the couch. The preferred breakfast was made:

Then we had ham with all the fixings tonight.

I keep saying that someday, we'll have a normal holiday. Today made it clear that it's wishful thinking.


LceeL said…
Normal? Which normal would that be? Normal is a house full of love, kindness and understanding. Or not. Merry Christmas, Suzanne. To you and all of yours.

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