So Much More Than Learning

It has been mentioned in a couple of previous posts about the experience I had this semester in fund raising for a local organization. Today, Jessica and I met up with the executive director and his wife and brainstormed on how we can continue to help.

As we sat there, discussing their needs, it was like my future plans fell right in line with theirs. I need to get a couple of software programs to familiarize myself prior to starting grad school-and they're useful for the organization. Plans for another hardware purchase also can benefit my future educational experience and their organizational desires.

Skills I already have are among those that can be of use. Jessica's skills at coming up with good ideas fit right in, too. It almost feels like we were meant to find them this semester.

We're meant to travel a much longer journey with Noah's Ark. The learning? Instead of ending with the semester, is just beginning.

I'm really looking forward to the lessons yet to come.


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