Sharing the Love of Disney

When I met Ed's family (again) when we started dating, I knew I would fit right in. They were wacky and had a warped sense of humor. The weekend Ed and I were engaged, we'd traveled to Long Island to visit with friends. We arrived at a late hour, but Mom, Nancy and Jane were up and waiting for us.

There was a lot of laughter and good natured ribbing going on that night, all of it centered on my intended and his status as the baby of the family. However, in good fashion, he let loose a couple of zingers himself during the conversation that night. The first one, his Mom said "Hit him!" and I whacked him on the arm. They though this was great.

A few minutes later, Nancy said something cutting, he fired back and she said "Hit him!" My response was to put my hand out and tell her to pay me. At that point, they knew that we'd all get along just fine.

In addition to that sense of humor, their house was chock full of Disneyana, and we had yet another thing to talk about endlessly. When I started working for Disney, they were ecstatic that one of their own was on the mouse's payroll. Over the years, as I'd find something that cried out Mom, Nancy or Jane, it would be purchased and tucked away for the next trip to Long Island.

Mom collected snow globes. How many there are, I have no clue, but whenever there was the opportunity to grab another one, a phone call made or email would be sent to Jane, asking "Does Mom have this?" and I'd do my best to continue to feed her habit collection.

Almost seven years ago, after years of hearing Ed's family talk of retiring to Florida to live near Walt Disney World, Ed finally convinced me that we should move, too. I didn't want to live in the heat, we had good jobs, the part of the country we lived in had really captured my heart. In his mind, they'd need our help someday, and we might as well get down there first./

You know what? He was right to move here. Even though we've endured a lot of bad since moving, we have so much to be thankful for that we can cherish.

Time with my mom.

Time with his mom.

Tonight, Ed's mom passed away. She got to do what she'd wanted five years ago and moved near Disney. She got to go on the Disney cruise, living out her dream. She was an Annual Passholder for a couple of years, visiting the parks and people watching in her happy place.

I'm glad we got the five years with her, good and bad, highs and lows. Most people don't even get that.


Bttrcp1972 said…
I'm sorry for your loss, though the road has been long and at times difficult, I know that those will be a distant memory and you are moved by the loss of someone that you loved dearly. Please give Ed my very best. I'll be praying for peace to fill your hearts, and may you find comfort in the joy of knowing that you'll meet again!
Bttrcp1972 said…
ohh Aunt suzie, buttercup1972 is me.. Tracey..
Joyce-Anne said…
Very nice tribute to your mother-in-law my friend.
Suzanne, I know these last few months have been difficult for her, and for you. I am so sorry for your loss. but I am glad you had that time with her, and that you have such warm memories of her.
daysgoby said…
Thinking of you and your family, Suzanne. I'm so sorry! She'll be missed.

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