It Started With a Turkey

Last week, Jessica mentioned she had a turkey. "We should do a Christmas dinner with the people of Noah's Ark!". With that, a meal was planned.

Two turkeys. A large chicken. Two pork loins. A bunch of Suzanne-made sides and the cookie making factory in one kitchen and we had food for twenty.

I think it's funny that the person who doesn't cook had the plan, but I took that ball and ran with it. Entertaining is tons of fun-but I don't normally have that many people around to cook for. To cook and not have to clean my house to do it? Even better.

There were raves about the twice baked mashed. For the first time, I made candied sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (because Jessica and Lin requested them) and that was the pan of them that was gone. I forgot to bring the stuff for garlic knots, though.

That's okay, we had tons of leftovers. I can make the garlic knots with tomorrow night's promised Bolognese sauce.

It was cool to do what I enjoy and spend time with people who understand Game Teen. We need more nights like that.


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