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This time of year, there are so many songs I look forward to hearing-Christmas songs. Today, a short song list of the quirky and lesser known favorites-and a free download, too.

As a teen, one of my favorite comedy variety shows was "Second City Television", especially the comedy of Bob and Doug McKenzie. Eventually, the popularity of the routine that Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis compelled them to release an album completely in character of these two Northern nuts. I love the Christmas song that came from the album:

It's been said many times, the next song is my favorite modern Christmas carol. I know it's made an impact when Chef Jr whistles the melody this time of year. Now, I've got to teach him those lyrics.

Every once in a while, a new favorite emerges. I was pointed to Straight No Chaser a couple of years ago and ended up with one of their Christmas CDs. It is one of those that I listen each time and try to pick another part out of the arrangement! This is a new effort from the guys:

And now, the download. Remember Tears for Fears? I have Curt Smith, one half of the group, as a friend on Facebook. Last week, he put up a link to his new version of Silent Night. I liked and it promptly made it over to the iPhone. Hope you enjoy it, too.

You can listen on the site, but if you want to download it, registration is required.

Enjoy the music of the season!


Altec said…
Here's my favorite Christmas song;
Suzanne said…
Definitely one from the obscure files!

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