Combatting Cabin Fever

I had just gotten a taste of freedom from the first surgery when I had to have the second. Two days of driving and running errands and BOOM, back on the couch for me. It's getting old.

Apparently, with this type of hysterectomy, the first two weeks of recovery go well, and then in week three, as the healing begins, the incision sites can become extremely tender. I'm the average patient on that front, but I have the added multiple incisions behind the knee from removing the saphenous vein. I was barely getting off the couch-driving is NOT something I intended to do.

Today, however, Ed had his first day off since the surgery and I wanted to get out of this house. First up was lunch, where the boys entertained us with antics with food. Chef definitely has inherited our taste buds, hot buffalo shrimp and three mile island wings and he was looking for more:

I'm glad I had my sights set on a nice salad, since the plans of sharing the buffalo shrimp usually means a 50/50 split between the two of us. Note to self: next time, order 20-the kid will probably eat 15!

Now that the menfolk have a PS2, they wanted to visit Game Stop. We ventured to the one that Ed, Game Teen and Chef haven't visited and then wandered through a couple of stores in the outdoor mall. More like they wandered and Ed pushed me around in the companion chair for the most part.

Another stop was Books A Million, where they pointed this guy out:

Ed asked if this was Count Dooku or Paul Teutul, Senior. A slight modification to the facial hair and it could be the latter.

We ventured into Bloodbath and Beyond, pricing accessories for Jane's Keurig (they didn't have the My K cup that we'd told her about), and then we headed to Sam's to pick the previously mentioned Keurig for her. If you're buying the Sam's Club Ultimate package, they no longer stock any decaf K cups in the sampler. We'll be bringing her a box of the Timothy's tomorrow. Got to try the Tully's Bold and it is a good, strong cup of joe. Yum.

It's funny how the mundane can be exciting when you haven't really experienced much of it for nearly three weeks...


Sound so routine and yet so exciting.

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