It Sucks Being Right (Again)

My Stupid Leg (trademark pending) strikes again.

I've been a good girl, following doctor's orders and taking it easy. I was supposed to spend a lot of time on the couch-so I did. Yes, I got up and moved around, but the main instruction was not to do too much, don't spend too much standing and take it easy.

Fat lot of good that did me.

Saturday night, I got up to check on dinner and got a sharp pain in my calf. Oh, crap. I know that pain well. The "OMG, there's a clot in there!" kind of pain. I checked my leg. Not warm, nothing that felt like a pebble.

Yet, I knew.

I kept an eye on it Saturday and Sunday, figuring I would call Nurse M Monday morning. First thing when I got up Monday, I left a message for her, asking if she wanted to take a look or should I wait and see. My ringer was shut off yesterday evening, so I missed her return call. "If you think it's a clot, it probably is." Call the vascular lab in the morning and they'll get you in.

This morning, I called at 11:15 and was asked if I could be there at noon. I ran around here and got there by 12:10. A sonogram confirmed what I thought.

A superficial clot. Great.

I waited for Nurse M to come tell me how it was going to be treated. Initially, it looked like heat and elevation, but once the pictures from the ultrasound were viewed, that was off the table. Apparently, this clot is in a bad place.

Six weeks of blood thinners or surgery.

Which would you choose? Well, if the blood thinners were injectables, and not Coumadin, that's the route I would have chosen. My track record with that medication is not good (and Dr. J didn't like that information). Surgery it is.

Tomorrow morning.

Merry flippin Christmas.

I wonder what the odds are on this one?


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