Alas, No Room With A View

Five plus years ago, as soon as I moved to the Tampa Bay area, I became acquainted with this hospital. The day before we were set to move from Maryland, I went to the doctor for pain in my leg-it was a blood clot.

The only reason she didn't hospitalize me was because I promised to find a vascular surgeon in Florida. I had an appointment with Dr. J before I'd left Maryland. (My boss happened to know a very good vascular surgeon).

Most of my doctors have been based out of this hospital, and I've had good experiences with two outpatient surgeries on My Stupid Leg (trademark pending) So coming here for surgery as a no brainer.

My doctor called me last night to see if I had any questions and to go over what to expect. It was a nice touch. Today, while Ed and I waited, he came into pre op and we chatted again. He's also got an iPhone and they were about to actually use the Bump app (but Ed needs to put his contact into in his). He wanted to be sure he would be able to touch base with Ed afterwards.

While I'm not in the best shape right now, it's because my insides were poked and proded. The care has been excellent and I've got a private room, No view, though. I'll survive. I've got a WiFi connection and Food Nework, the only things I really need to veg while I'm in here.


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