December 17th

Christmas tree up? Nope
Yard decorated? Nope (and this year, the neighborhood looks a lot more festive than years past)
Presents purchased? Nope

Well, except for the teacher gifts that the kids are bringing to school tomorrow, not one present has been purchased or brought into the house. I suppose I should get my butt online and start on the presents for the kids.

For the past few weeks, the kids have each mentioned the various holiday goodies that they want to enjoy. Peppermint bark, oatmeal cranberry cookies, mock apple pies. So, it looks like we'll be spending the early part of their Christmas vacation making the house smell really nice.

I'm hoping we can use some of those as presents, because the quantity of baking they're proposing is probably enough for a family of four to enjoy for a YEAR.


LceeL said…
Mmmmmmmmm. I can smell it from here.

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