Ho Ho Ho

This morning, the presents were unwrapped and there was joy in the Suzanne household. Nice dream, right?

Instead, Gameboy woke up sometime very early and took all his presents into his room, hid under his bed and opened them. Never mind the coaching he got prior to bed. The rules are simple: if you wake up and it's dark, go back to bed. If it's not, come get the rest of the family. Nope, he was up before we got up at 6:30 and opened every damn thing.

Daily, it's a struggle with this kid. He doesn't get it, doesn't think he did anything wrong and the friggin OCD is going to be the death of me. Ed and I got each other some very small gifts. For both of us, the joy of the holiday is the giving-seeing the kids reactions to what we chose.

Now he's in his room and the presents have been taken away. When asked, he says "instinct took over". I had to explain that instinct would have had him getting his family, because Christmas has ALWAYS been about being with the family, NOT sneaking your presents off to open alone.

Our only saving grace is that they still don't know about the Wii. Ed had the foresight last night to cover it with a blanket in such a way that it looked like it was part of the tree skirt. I don't know when they'll see that one today. Probably after dinner.

Chef Jr had requested a cookbook to start his collection. Well, the first one he asked for, I already own. I told him I'd share, but this one goes with him when he moves out someday.

You can't have a DS without games. Well, you could use your old GBA games, but that's not as much fun, is it? Zelda for the DS, schweet!

Entering in his vital statistics so that he can play Zelda

Oh yeah, I get it. Trouble is Life. Oh, how I get it today...


Gypsydoodlebug said…
OMG I can't believe he opened all his gifts!! That's so not funny, and yet I'm lmao. Merry Christmas, anyway!!

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