Some of the hard to find Christmas Toys for this year

Bobby D sends me a lot of the funny stuff that comes his way. These had us laughing the other night, so I'm sharing the best of his email of "Top 14 Hard to Find Christmas Toys." These are the top three. If you want the rest, I'll be happy to send the email on to you, just let me know.

I really don't want to see the head popping off on THIS toy!

Every kid on J street wants one, right Jeff? Fun the whole family can enjoy!Mandy, I'll bet you didn't get THIS toy for your princess this year!

Once again, I want to share that I was meant to have boys. Now I get to play with the Legos and the stuff I didn't get to as a kid.

Bobby D's the guy who points me to blog entries about interesting Doctor Who rumors and Monty Python stuff. The recent one had a rumor about a one off 'Doctor' appearance. However, the blogger had the word "ExTREMinate", which makes me wonder if the Daleks are going to cut off limbs, a la the Black Knight from Holy Grail!


Anonymous said…
Ok, that was a much needed laugh! Thanks!
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Bet every 6 year old in Eastern Kentucky is getting one of those meth labs from Santa.
ligirl said…
Too freakin' funny...I would LOVE to see the whole original email...could you please forward it to me? Thx...Love you!

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