It's the most wonderul time...

Nine shopping days left, so this means my store shifts into extended hours today. I love not working in a mall! December 15th is our first late day! I've got to be to work at 3pm today. However, I'm providing part of our lunch today, so I'll drop that off at 1pm and run some errands.

Last night, we ventured over to the mall, and the extended hours made things easier for us. When you don't visit the mall very often, changes surprise you. When did Kay Bee decide to shutter their stores? We went in and found that the games (of course) were down to the dregs of Gameboy Advance titles. No trying to sneak a purchase under the kids noses neccessary.

The trip out was because I wanted Tijuana Flats. Thankfully, Gameboy is finally on the Mexican food bandwagon and had some soft tacos. In a funny moment, one of the staff asked if we wanted refills on our drinks. We accepted. I held up my queso dip side and said "Can I get a refill of this?" and laughed. I told her I was joking, but she brought us one, anyway. YUMMMMMM!

We ran out of chips before we ran out of cheese, so Ed and Chef Jr, not wanting to waste a drop of the good stuff, started doing cheese shooters! The child ended up licking the last few drops of cheese out of that cup. Pretty freakin hilarious. Too bad we adults can't get away with that. Now that the kids will eat there, I've got to remember that I need two queso dips for the chips, because they'll hog it themselves if I let them.

Now, let's see how much of Chef Jr's science report we can get done in an hour.


Ryan The Intern said…
'Twas a sad day when Tijuana Flats left Louisville.

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