The upshot of Christmas

The kids opened the Wii, Gameboy was banned and I actually played a gaming system. After years of not using any gaming systems due to fear of pain or injury, the Wiimotes finally are something I can handle.

The afternoon involved some Bowling and Tennis for me and Chef Jr. I know he played with the Mario game while I was preparing dinner, and Ed played some of the sports games with him. Later, the Lego Star Wars was played as well.

Dinner involved preparing everything from scratch this year-just felt like doing it. I made a spectacular Cabernet au jus gravy that I wanted to eat with a spoon, lol! The roast turned out great and I think the crab cakes were enjoyed.

After dinner, more game play until bedtime for Chef. Then, Ed and I went head to head Bowling and playing Lego Star Wars. We cracked open the Wii Play and check it out. What a dud. After you consider the remote that was included in it, I suppose we got a ten dollar game. Lame.

This morning, Gameboy got his chance with the DS and the Wii. I don't think he'll repeat his mistake ever again-a day without the new games was torture.


Kaoscapt said…
Yes, it was hard on Gameboy, but he managed to keep his composure for the day without any major meltdowns. He impressed me, despite his early morning screw up.

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