Goodbye, 2007. Hello, 2008

It was a crazy year. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as some of the prior years. I'm relatively healthy again and back to work, so it can't be that bad!

Some of my musings and assvice for the new year:

Take some time today or tomorrow to pick up the phone and call friends or family you haven't talked to in a while. No one's psychic (that I know, anyway), so if you've been thinking about them, let them know. I need to get those phone numbers out of the old cell phone (still), so I can do my part.

If you didn't get around to sending out Christmas cards (hi, nice to see you! I'm in good company), send out New Year's cards!

For 2008, just remember the most important words in the English language are Please, Thank You, I'm Sorry and I Love You. Words are free, so use them often. :)

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!

With this post, I've done two events in a row successfully. Let's see how Blog 365 goes. I'm hoping that it brings me some more new friends in the computer (hi Mandy, Lotus, Anna, Katie, Sarah, Mary and everyone else!) and helps me to keep in touch with old friends and family. A reminder to those of you who don't blog (or don't update your blogs)-keep up your end. Comment or call! I am NOT psychic. I'm psychotic, remember?


Gypsydoodlebug said…
OK, you HAVE to get Mario Party 8. I'm addicted.

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