Christmas head scratchers

We've all received them. The gifts where you just wonder WHAT on earth the giver was thinking when they picked that item for you. I firmly believe in 'it's the thought that counts'. However, it is still very important to think about what that person's likes, dislikes and possibly even allergies are before choosing a gift.

Some of the winners of years gone by:

I mentioned one in the Christmas meme recently. A cobalt blue sweater that had black sequins on it, size SMALL. This chest of mine has not worn a small since high school. It was angora like, which means I'd be scratching non stop. The giver probably regifted it to me, thinking that blue was my favorite color.

Hmmm, that gives me an idea. They should make color toilet plungers, 'but its your favorite color!'. The gift for that impossible person on your list.

My ex's mom was quite fond of buying me nightwear from Sears. Not flannel gowns, that would be an improvement over these. For four years, I got polyester teddies in colors that I don't think occur in nature. They had lace (more scratcing) and were hideously ugly. I don't even think a supermodel could make these items look attractive. I am no where close to looking like a supermodel, so they sat in my drawers with tags attached. (Heck, who would regift THAT?! Eww) He finally spoke up to his mom after four years of it by telling her I sleep in the buff. That was good-I think she was scarred by that prospect (but what if there's a fire?).

She redeemed herself on the thought front the Christmas after he and I split up. She found this really nice decoupage boxed gift set of a perfume she knew my ex had bought me. Gold star for remembering it. Alas, I had to limit my exposure to the scent because it was floral and anytime I smelled it, it reminded me of the jerk. I passed on the contents of the box to a friend to give to his wife, but I still have the box.

Sometimes, even those who have a clue about me strike out. My Dad usually did a fantastic job with gifts for me and Giggles. Seriously, my friends were jealous. I know I am not easy to select presents for, but he did it consistently. One year, he decided on some pierced earrings. (Funny how he resisted me getting them done, but one I had them, instant gift solution!) He saw an ad in Newsday for music themed jewelery.

The guy at the shop must have known that my dad knew nothing about what music should look like. I opened the box Christmas Eve and was greeted by a pair of HUGE dangly earrings. They were gold with a freshwater pearl at the end of the 4 gold wires on each earing. Gaudy. I don't do gaudy. I politely thanked Dad and continued on to other gifts, which were all more my speed.

A few months later, he commented that he had never seen me wear those earrings. I said he was right, I hadn't (lying to Dad? Not a good idea). He was sure I'd love them, as they were musically themed. I had to break the news to him that he'd been suckered-there was nothing remotely music based about them.

The end result was that all future jewelry purchases were made with either Giggles or I at his side. I was able to pick out our nameplate necklaces a couple of years later because he wanted to be sure that we'd wear them. Yet another one of my dad's endearing qualities. You know what? They are still in my jewelry box over 25 years later. They've never been worn, but the thought that was put into them keeps them there.

I think clothing is probably the hardest thing to select for me. I don't really buy it for many people, unless I am comfortable that I know *their* tastes. I can pick out a Joyce outfit pretty easily, Donna only slightly less so. Never would I dare to buy Giggles clothes-she has amazing fashion sense and I wouldn't want to disrupt her groove.

Ed's got a different take on it-he feels clothing is NOT a gift. You have to buy it anyway, right? Poor guy had an aunt who bought him pajamas every year until he was in his teens. It has sealed my fate-never am I to put an article of clothing under the tree.

How about you? Do you have some ghosts of christmas presents that need to stay in the past?


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