Love the phone, hate the phone user

Okay, a confession here. I've had the new phone for almost two months and I still only have about a dozen numbers programmed into it. It's because I am lazy and frustrated.

The old phone's backlight died about a month before I got the new phone, so I can't read the display without my eyes doing a cartoonish "ah OOOOH gah" popping out of my head. I suppose I could bring the thing over to an AT&T store and get them to port my address book into the new one. However, I think the throngs of people who are smart and buying gadgets for Christmas will be crowding the place. (Yes, I am firmly in the "gimme gadgets" camp and think they make awesome gifts, lol.)

This does present dilemmas, not having numbers in the phone. I suppose I need to break down and get some of those phone numbers transferred so that I can make calls for Christmas. One of my sisters and her daughter are getting a box of clothes sent to them. There is a pile of perfectly good business attire that is too big for me, but niece can use them. I have to get that number to call them and send this stuff out.

Then there's the friends that I want to call and when I go to do it, the reality of my laziness hits me in the face. For instance, I've wanted to text Paula pictures of the ship she will be cruising on in April. Instead, the picture sits on my phone.

That one is just as well, because you can't really see much-I took the picture with the sun behind that ship. It's a nice silhouette, though. She called me recently, but I found that this phone's call log only stores the last ten calls. Her number rapidly fell out of my log, well before I remembered to store it. Oops.

Then there are the people who ARE in my phone directory that I haven't actually talked to since I got the phone. Liz, there is just way too much phone tag going on! The other ones are good to not have had the opportunity to talk. Most of my doctors go in that directory because I don't want to be stuck having to track down their phone numbers when I need them.

I suppose that after January 1st, I need to drag the old phone over to AT&T and fix this situation. In the meantime, blanket apologies if I haven't called you and you were wondering why not. If you're feeling especially kind, give me a gift and call me so I can put you in the directory. Thanks!!!


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