Eat Drums, Eat Drums

Oh, BEAT Drums!

The other night, Chef Jr sang in the chorus for the school's winter concert and play. I missed the event, thanks to only having three days notice of it in December. In trying to switch shifts with a coworker, I got the okay-but didn't relay the confirmation. Alas, I missed out.

Ed was puzzled by what happens with the music programs in elementary schools nowadays. Both of us were participants in chorus in elementary school, and then I spent another six years involved in vocal music classes. Apparently, the kids don't learn multiple parts. They all sing in unison to a prerecorded soundtrack. Where's the learning here?

We both recalled singing two and three part pieces in grade school. My memories include the flamboyant elementary music teacher teaching syncopation and how to read music. We got recorders in third grade. We weren't spoon fed a simple melody, to be sung with a soundtrack. I'm of the mind that if you challenge a child musically in those early school days, they'll benefit in more than just music proficiency.

As a result, the two of us ended up having a conversation with Chef about next year. He'll begin a music program in school. I thought this meant band or orchestra (nope, just violin instruction). I told him he'd be tested and allowed to choose an instrument to learn.

It came as no surprise that he said he wanted to play drums. He has the drummer personality. Seriously, if you know what I'm talking about, you can pick the drummer out in any crowd. The fearless type, who is not afraid of getting attention, goofy, silly and will do anything for a laugh. The guy who thinks nothing of singing Christmas carols in July. We've even looked at drum sets several times over the years, knowing they'd be a good fit for him.

No, we explained. If you want to play drums, there's no sense in just learning in school-especially if the program the other night shows what is in store. Pick another instrument to learn (preferably one where you learn to read the sheet music, not little x's with sticks) and if you're serious, we'll get you drum lessons. He's mulling that one over now.

In the meantime, know that our house has always had its own Animal. Now he wants to complete the picture.


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