Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Christmas in Florida still takes me for a loop. For instance, we've been hanging Christmas lights on Thanksgiving for two years in weather that seems more August than late November.

It's the 11th and the lights haven't been hung this year because it's just too hot (and we got sidetracked on Thanksgiving, instead of following that tradition). It's in the mid 80's right now and that just seems too warm to be up on the ladder and putting them up.

I'd rather hang them in the evening, but Ed doesn't like that idea. Mind you, I am the one who does this job and it doesn't bother me in the least. It's cooler and I can wear long sleeves to ward off the bugs. Nooooo, his big fear is that I won't be able to see. Hmmm, there is a street light right in front of the house, I don't think it's that dark. Last year, I was even smart and sunk a bunch of nails in the trim to anchor the lights along with those clips.

I don't know when they'll get done, but one thing's for certain. It isn't a winter wonderland around here.


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