Defying the obsession

I do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but I sometimes show serious signs of having issues.

For instance, tonight I had to work. That blew watching the last part of "Tin Man", but that was okay-it will repeat several times soon. However, there was the inner voice saying "but you'll be home at 11 and can watch the rerun." It was quite insisitent (I think it was Azkedelia, but I can't be sure).

Anyway, the normal departure time from work is 10pm if I'm on my A game and even my B game. A customer I'd helped at 7pm came back into the store at 8:55 thought and needed 20 minutes assistance to make a purchase. She wanted ME since I'd helped her earlier. So much for getting out on time.

I got in the car at 10:38. It would take a miracle to get home on time, and I was hungry. This time, the obsession to finish watching the series got over ruled-I went through a tediously slow drive through and got home at 11:20. I am not watching part three 20 minutes in! So Ha, I defied the evil witch.

Laugh all you want that there's actually something that I'm in a rush to go home and watch. It probably won't happen for another two or three years.


imaginary binky said…
Ha! I'm obsessed with "Heroes," but I missed the last episodes. I console myself with thinking that I might catch them online.

Yeesh @ working late. I don't miss that. You are a saint.
Suzanne said…
Naw, I'm actually pretty lucky! I'm not in a traditional mall, so we don't extend hours for another week and a half. Sainthood was when I worked in a mall that was open 7am to 11pm for three weeks and I did two stretches a week. (ugh)

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